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Network International School
The first British curriculum school in Yangon

Network International School

Kindle the fire, brighten your future


Why choose a British International School? Why choose Network?

British education has achieved a worldwide reputation for quality. It is focused on processes and outcomes – what a student should know and be able to do at any given age – as opposed to emphasising the acquisition of specific knowledge.

Certain key principles run through the whole of the education system: the notion that each student is unique and that this is important; an emphasis on developing positive relationships (with teachers, parents and peers); a focus on enabling environments, with an awareness that learning does not happen exclusively in the classroom; and learning alongside development – looking at outcomes and results, but only as one facet of education.

A British Education emphasises the development of the student as a whole, and particularly at the primary level there is a great deal of scope for creativity and individuality in the classroom.

Choosing a British international school, such as Network, not only gives students the benefit of a British education, but the qualifications gained and knowledge acquired are highly transferable. The structure and consistency of the national curriculum allows students to easily move, if necessary, between British schools in various countries (including the UK). The British system also facilitates an easy progression to university in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

At Network, we provide a nurturing, stimulating, student-centred learning environment. We want to ensure that students leaving Network are confident in themselves, with others and in their work, and prepared for transitions into new environments. We foster a love of learning that will prepare them for the challenges of an ever-changing world.