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Network International School

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Global Perspectives

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Students choosing Global Perspectives as an IGCSE will enjoy developing and learning a range of new skills which can be applied to their chosen topics. Candidates will develop the following skills, planning, analysis, synthesis, collaboration, evaluation and communication. Students will practice these skills throughout the course laying a solid foundation for the compulsory components which consist of an individual research question consisting of two components, and a group project with an evaluation. At the end of the course students will complete a written paper provided by the Cambridge board.

Students can select a variety of subjects to research throughout the course including Educational issues, conflict and peace, inequality and poverty, disease and health, law and criminality, tradition culture and identity, belief systems, transport and infrastructure and many more subjects. This course aids the student to think deeply about global issues in our world and formulate individual opinions which are a good foundation for life.  



Long Term Plans

The long term plans set out the programmes of study for the whole academic year and enables parents to see the topics being studied term by term.