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Network International School

Network International School

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The Key Stage 3 Drama programme at Network International School enables pupils to explore, develop and express ideas and concepts, which will help them, make sense of reality. Furthermore, all students have the chance to build their confidence in English as a spoken language - focusing on developing the clarity and effectiveness of their oral communication skills. 

Drama is a life skill and a creative art form. It helps pupils develop their ability to use voice, movement, gesture and facial expression, in acting, mime, dance drama and improvisation. They can express and manage their thoughts and feelings – shared and experienced – while working in a safe and controlled environment. The development of these skills encourages self-confidence and self-awareness, promoting the development of the individual in a group context: roles and ideas are negotiated, problems solved and decisions made together. Teamwork and critical thinking skills are key to the Drama classroom, and students are assessed on their abilities in three areas: Creating, Performing and Evaluating. Thoughtful reflection is encouraged, rewarded and then applied.

Building on an introductory programme that focuses on confidence-boosting activities and equipping students with a range of dramatic techniques, the KS3 drama syllabus expands as students progress up the school, to composing original scripts and performances and adapting stories to the dramatic form.

Long Term Plans

The long term plans set out the programmes of study for the whole academic year and enables parents to see the topics being studied term by term.