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Primary Wellbeing Week

Primary Wellbeing Week

Wellbeing Week was a highlight event at Network primary school in term 3 which focused on promoting the mental, physical, and emotional health of students. During this week, the whole primary school community came together to participate in various activities and events designed to foster a positive and healthy environment for the children.

Throughout the week, students nourished their minds and bodies by taking part in Zumba classes, nature art, outdoor reading, sports activities and mindfulness. They were also encouraged to have healthy eating habits by taking healthy snacks and lunch to school.

The highlight of the week was the Sports Day event where students participated in a range of athletic events which tested their speed, agility, and coordination to contribute points to their houses. It was great to see many of our supportive and energetic parents cheering on from the sidelines to celebrate the effort of all our students as well as create a fantastic community atmosphere. 

The event also saw our fastest runners awarded and some opportunities to take on the teachers in a special water event. Well done to all of our Network Students! 

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