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Foundation 2 and 3 Sports Day

Foundation 2 and 3 Sports Day

In term 3, our Early Year Foundation Stage 2 and 3 students experienced their first ever Sports Day. A day filled with excitement, joy, and healthy competition among young children with a variety of fun and engaging sporting activities designed to develop their physical and social skills.

The aim of the event is to provide a fun and interactive learning experience for the students while promoting teamwork and sportsmanship. It not only provides an opportunity for students to develop their physical skills but also helps to build their confidence and self-esteem. 

It was great to see our students tackled the obstacle course with confidence, determination and skill. Everyone made sure to cheer each other on and were very proud of their achievements. It was wonderful to see so many parent spectators supporting all the children. Some parents even found out how difficult the obstacle course was as they took part in a parent race. 

It is a day filled with fun, laughter, and memories that we are sure will last our students a lifetime.


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