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Exploring New Horizons: The Impact of Residential Trips on students' successes

Exploring New Horizons: The Impact of Residential Trips on students' successes
Network International School - Sixth Form Residential Trip 2023

The transformative power of experiential learning cannot be overstated in a world of academic challenges and bustling classrooms. This truth came to life for the Year 12 students of Network International School during their recent residential trip to Hmawbi Campsite.

Building Connections for a Lifetime

The primary goal of this team building and bonding weekend was to forge strong connections among students and form teachers. Recognizing the pivotal role relationships play in navigating the Sixth Form experience, the trip aimed to provide an environment conducive to camaraderie and support.
Despite the initial challenge of weathering two days of torrential rain and flooding in Yangon, the sun graced the students with its presence upon arrival at Hmawbi campsite. What unfolded over the next two days was a journey of connection, adventure, and lasting memories.

A Day of Adventure

Friday promised a day brimming with activities—trekking, kayaking, team building exercises, and a talent show. The students, fueled by a hearty breakfast of Mohinga, embarked on a challenging trek divided into three groups. Throughout the trek, they engaged in tasks ranging from protecting eggs to creating human chains and collecting garbage—an embodiment of teamwork and problem-solving.

Network International School - Sixth Form Residential Trip 2023

After a satisfying lunch, the students faced engineering challenges, an obstacle course, and kayaking time trials. The afternoon buzzed with enthusiasm as some opted for rest, while others plunged into the pool for a refreshing break.

Unleashing Creativity

As the day waned, the stage was set for a talent competition, adding a creative flair to the adventure. With two hours to prepare, the students showcased acting, dancing, and singing skills, fostering a spirited atmosphere that became a highlight of the weekend.

Network International School - Sixth Form Residential Trip 2023

Beyond the Adventure

A celebratory BBQ and an evening filled with games and conversations marked the end of a day packed with adventure. The students, having formed lasting bonds, retreated for a comfortable night's sleep, capping off the inaugural Year 12 teamwork and bonding residential.

The Impact

Beyond the thrills and laughter, the residential trip left an indelible mark on the students. It created an environment where lifelong memories were made and bonds were forged to weather the challenges of the Year 12 journey.

In the grand tapestry of education, such experiential learning endeavours stand as pillars, shaping resilient, well-rounded individuals ready to tackle the ups and downs of their academic journey. The success of the Year 12 residential trip at Network International School is not just a testament to adventure but to the enduring impact of fostering connections and making memories that last a lifetime.


Residential trips provide students with invaluable opportunities for growth and development outside the traditional classroom setting. Beyond textbooks and lectures, these experiences foster teamwork, independence, and resilience. Whether navigating a challenging trek, engaging in team-building exercises, or immersing in new environments, students learn to adapt, collaborate, and problem-solve in real-world scenarios.

The shared experiences create bonds among peers, enhancing social skills and promoting a sense of belonging. Additionally, exposure to different cultures and environments broadens students' perspectives, cultivating open-mindedness and cultural awareness. Overall, residential trips offer a holistic learning approach, nurturing not only academic prowess but also life skills that contribute to well-rounded, confident individuals that we want our students here at Network International School to be. 

Jacob Rusling
Head of Sixth Form, Drama Teacher

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