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Nurturing Young Minds: The Transformative Power of Reading at Network International Primary School

Nurturing Young Minds: The Transformative Power of Reading at Network International Primary School
Network International School Yangon - Reading

Explore the enriching world of reading at Network Primary School, where a comprehensive approach to literacy spans across subjects, incorporating innovative programs like Accelerated Reader, captivating library resources, literature circles, and a commitment to nurturing joy for reading. 

At Network Primary School, we firmly believe that reading is the cornerstone of a child's education. Our commitment to fostering a lifelong love for reading is reflected in our comprehensive curriculum, where reading underpins every aspect of learning. 

Reading Across the Curriculum

Reading is not confined to English lessons alone. Instead, it permeates all subjects, serving as a fundamental tool for learning and understanding. We employ a 'teach through a text' approach, where engaging books form the basis of our lessons and allow students to explore powerful language, author’s intent and a wide range of literary themes. Teaching through a text enhances students' comprehension skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking abilities.

Accelerated Reader Programme

One of our main initiatives is the Accelerated Reader program, designed to assess and improve students' reading skills, as well as providing incentives to read more and spark a love of reading. This personalised approach enables us to track individual progress, ensuring that each student receives the support they need to excel. Through this program, we cultivate a sense of achievement and instil confidence in young readers, motivating them to explore a diverse range of books.

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The students undertake a Star Reader Assessment each term which gives them their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development). Your child’s ZPD provides them with a range of books that will challenge them without causing frustration or loss of motivation. It is important for your child to read with a high degree of comprehension and within their ZPD. It is important to note that the ZPD is not your child's reading age.

Once students have finished reading a book, they use the AR website to access a quiz. They will find the quiz code inside the front cover of books from the school library. Students are expected to achieve 85% to pass the quiz as this demonstrates understanding. When they pass, they earn points which will go towards their personalised target generated by AR.

We have plenty of incentives such as certificates and house points to encourage students to meet their targets and read as many books as possible!

The Enchanting World of Our Library

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Network International School also has a newly renovated and enticing library, housing an extensive collection of books catering to different interests and  ZPD levels. We believe that a well-stocked library is a treasure trove for young minds, offering them endless opportunities to embark on literary adventures. By encouraging regular library visits at break and lunch times, as well as providing a weekly library lesson, we aim to nurture a reading culture that extends beyond the classroom.

Literature Circles

At Network International Primary School, students participate in regular literature circles to enhance students' reading experience. Through these collaborative discussions, children explore texts in depth, sharing their thoughts, insights, and interpretations. Literature circles promote active participation, critical thinking, and communication skills, fostering a deeper understanding of the material. This approach not only enriches their reading experience but also cultivates a sense of community among readers. Alongside literature circles, students also take part in a weekly teacher-led guided reading session. 

Reading Journals

This year, we have introduced our new Network Reading Journals. Each week, students will bring home their journal and complete one of the assigned tasks based on their library book. If you would like to support your child, you could discuss characters, plots, and themes and fostering comprehension skills. These discussions will actively support your child's reading progress. 

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Reading for Pleasure

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate excellent levels of reading proficiency among our students. By focusing on individual needs, providing targeted support, and fostering a positive reading environment, we empower students to reach their full potential. Beyond academic achievements, we also emphasise the joy of reading for pleasure. We believe that when reading becomes a source of delight, children are more likely to continue exploring the world of literature independently, enriching their lives in immeasurable ways.

At Network International School, reading is not just a subject; it's a journey that opens doors to knowledge, creativity, and empathy. Through our comprehensive curriculum, innovative programs like Accelerated Reader, captivating library resources, and collaborative literature circles, we are dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only proficient readers but also passionate lovers of books.

Jacob Mills
English Subject Lead & Year 6 Teacher
Network International School

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