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Parent Handbook

Welcome to Network International School’s Parent Handbook – where information meets involvement and our collective commitment to your child's future is celebrated.

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We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to all parents and guardians of our school community. We understand the importance of clear communication, collaboration, and shared goals between school and parents. To facilitate this relationship, we present to you our Parent Handbooks for each section of the school;  EYFS, Primary and Secondary.

These handbooks are more than just a collection of policies and procedures; it is a bridge that connects our school's values, expectations, and resources with your aspirations for your child's growth and development. Here, you will find a comprehensive guide that outlines our educational philosophy, curriculum highlights, assessment and reporting, and the various support services available to ensure your child's success.

We have carefully crafted these handbooks to offer insights into our approach to teaching and learning, our commitment to a safe and nurturing environment, and our dedication to fostering a strong school-home relationship. Each page is designed to empower you with the information needed to actively engage in your child's educational journey.

As parents and guardians, your involvement is instrumental in creating a vibrant and enriching learning experience for your child. The School's Parent Handbooks are your guidelines, helping you and your child to understand your rights and responsibilities, collaborate with our dedicated faculty and staff, and guide you through life at Network.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child's education. Let's embark on a journey based on a solid partnership, growth, and shared success!

EYFS Parent Handbook

Primary Parent handbook

Secondary parent handbook

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