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Welcome to Network Event Section! We are thrilled to bring you a diverse range of events that cater to the interests of our entire school community. From informative Parent Teacher Conferences to fun-filled cultural activities and sports tournaments as well as special celebrations, there's always something exciting happening in our school. 

Our goal is to provide opportunities for students, staff, and families to come together, learn, have fun, and create lasting memories. Stay tuned to this page for updates on upcoming events and we look forward to seeing you there!

April 2023
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Mon, Mar 27
Tue, Mar 28
Wed, Mar 29
Thu, Mar 30
Fri, Mar 31
Sat, Apr 1
Sun, Apr 2
Mon, Apr 3
Tue, Apr 4
Wed, Apr 5
Thu, Apr 6
Fri, Apr 7
Sat, Apr 8
Sun, Apr 9
Mon, Apr 10
Tue, Apr 11
Wed, Apr 12
Thu, Apr 13
Fri, Apr 14
Sat, Apr 15
Sun, Apr 16
Mon, Apr 17
Tue, Apr 18
Wed, Apr 19
Thu, Apr 20
Fri, Apr 21
Sat, Apr 22
Sun, Apr 23
Mon, Apr 24
Tue, Apr 25
Wed, Apr 26
Thu, Apr 27
Fri, Apr 28
Sat, Apr 29
Sun, Apr 30