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Network International School
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Network International School

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Meet Our Staff

Callum Irvine

Physical Education

This will be my first-year teaching at Network International School as a Physical Education teacher. I received a BEd in Physical Education from Edinburgh University and have taught in a number of schools across Edinburgh and Aberdeen, Scotland. My passion comes from seeing and helping young people to develop not only physically but through their cognitive, social and emotional domains. PE is in a unique territory in which it can effectively develop a young person across each of these areas and promote a holistic wellbeing. I believe in the value of trust and respect and the power of positivity and enthusiasm to engage young people. I actively seek to inspire young people and hope that after their time in school that they remember and try to emulate the positivity and enthusiasm that I exude. During the summer I have worked in America at a sleepaway summer camp since 2015. This really ignited my interest in working with young people from around the world and inspired me to teach further from home.