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Network International School
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Network International School

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Meet Our Staff

Abi Carter

Year 4 Protons

I will be moving into my fourth year of teaching as I join Network International School and I am very excited to start my journey into international teaching at this setting. Previously, I have taught Key Stage 2 classes in an inner-city London school and a small rural school in Dorset in the UK. Alongside offering a rounded curriculum and a creative learning experience for children, I am passionate about teaching children philosophy as I have seen how this encourages young minds to explore, question and ultimately gain deeper insight alongside acquiring important skills that aid the ability to examine and nurture inquiry with open minds. I am also a qualified yoga teacher and am able to offer children’s yoga classes in fun and engaging ways. I believe yoga and mindfulness to be an important additional element to a child’s school experience as it encourages a calm and focused mind whilst developing an increased connection to the body. All important elements to help balance a child and support learning!