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Meet Our Teachers

Katrina Laskowski

Foundation 2 Bees

My name is Katrina Laskowski and I originate from England. I am a fully qualified Art Teacher and practicing artist. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and a PGCE in education. I have taught in England and internationally for three years, working in Moscow and Kazakhstan. Having experience of working in a variety of educational settings and living among different cultures has given me great insight to understand diverse teaching styles. Travel has also given me great appreciation for rich culture and traditions within Art and I use my experiences to bring international perspectives into topics and projects. My personal specialism is in mixed media, I enjoy exploring each media and presenting it in a unique way, incorporating traditions and cultures within my work. When studying the notions of art with students I like to create a stimulating environment to help to boost creativity. When teaching techniques and skills, I use a student centered approach. Working with children inspires my creativity and gives me great joy. I am a lifelong learner and enjoy learning new things from colleagues, my students and people in general, but over and above that, I enjoy sharing my experiences so that those around me learn something from me.