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Sean O'Connor

Head of Mathematics Faculty

I am from County Kerry; Ireland This is where I received my Bachelor of Arts and my Post Graduate Degree in Mathematical Teaching. This will be my first year at Network International School and my first year living in Myanmar. I have been teaching for the past eight years, in multiple countries such as Ireland, England, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Throughout this time, I have had the opportunity to teach students from various countries and whose abilities have ranged greatly. As well as the time, I have spent in the classroom over the past eight years, I have had the opportunity to work on the creation of interdisciplinary planning as well as helping in the development of school policies and the training of other teachers. I am a huge believer that a school should have a holistic approach to the teaching of its students. It is my opinion that first and foremost it is a school’s responsibility to help its students to become balanced and thoughtful human beings, as well as getting the best results in their studies as possible. I believe that the best way to help students gain the most mathematical knowledge and problem solving abilities is to generate a team atmosphere within the class, in which everyone feels free to make mistakes and in turn help each other to grow and develop.