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Eco-Week 2019 at Secondary

As part of Eco-Week this year, Thursday 14th February saw students from our secondary campus take part in a range of in school activities and out of school trips focussing on our environment and on social responsibility.

26 students took a trip downtown to volunteer their time at Doh Eain, the charity that cleans up Yangon’s alleyways, creating safe and stimulating social environments for local residents. Following a morning acting as urban developers and analysing the spaces available, students spent the afternoon painting murals (and each other!) to brighten up the space. We also raised nearly $200 to support the work of Doh Eain on their future projects.

8 students cycled out through beautiful countryside to volunteer at Kalitaw school in Hlegu township where they spent time teaching English and playing games with the students there. With a 20km cycle ride it was an exhausting, but rewarding, day out.

22 students chose to focus on sustainable food production in Yangon by visiting FarmBiz (an urban farm) and UniVeg (a hydroponics farm). After learning about the different methods that can be used to grow vegetables to feed our growing population in an organic and sustainable way, the students visited ORNG. This local restaurant maintains their own kitchen garden, and students were treated to some delicious snacks to round off the day.

Our final trip out from school saw 8 students visiting craft based social enterprises that repurpose waste materials in to marketable products. A trip across the river to Dala took them to ChuChu and then back across to TUBe where our students had a go at making some of these products under the watchful eye of the talented staff. They then visited HlaDay where students got to see how these products are marketed and sold.

Students who stayed in school didn’t miss out as a range of activities saw them exploring other ideas on our impact on the environment. Waste materials were collected in school to allow students to try their hand at upcycling, GCSE art students to create a mural and Year 7 students to have a go at recycled engineering. A group of students used programming skills to start to create games to raise awareness on environmental issues and a group of Year 8 students used very different skills to turn our old clothes in to more fashionable new ones. Some Year 11 and Year 12s learnt how to make delicious, sustainable, vegetarian food as an alternative to our meat heavy diets and everyone learnt some valuable survival skills to help them explore our land and aquatic environment more safely!

Eco-club would like to thank all of the staff at the secondary campus for their help and support in putting on this day of activities, and the students for being such a credit to the school while out in the community.