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Network International School

Network International School

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About Us

The Network Lions

Network is starting to make a name for itself as we start to come out on top winning Football matches against other International Schools
Network is now part of MISAC (Myanmar International Schools Athletics Conference) along with about 11 other schools. It was made earlier this academic year with the aim “to provide regular quality athletic competition in a well-structured environment for the MISAC member schools in Yangon”.



So far this year we have beaten three other international schools at football. Our secondary team is currently unbeaten and playing with an abundance of style. With an upcoming tournament this Saturday we hope this continues. However, it isn’t our unbeaten streak or playing style that has most impressed. Whilst playing, an opposition parent was overheard saying how good Networks team spirit is and how well we support each other. This is the Network way. As long as this continues we, as the Network Lions, will continue our success.


A big improvement this year has been our basketball, with our students thoroughly enjoying playing any chance they get. The latest of which was a highly competitive match in which our secondary boys were winning for the whole first half and the girls gave a fantastic account of themselves. From a group of students who didn’t even know the rules, had never played nor even watched the sport before, they are now a bunch of players in which we are confident that next year will be highly competitive.

Finally, we would like to say thank you to our amazing parents, teachers and students who make up our support team at every game we have played. This support gives an enormous boost to all the players representing Network and is felt all around the school. Thank you!