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Network International School now has a Facebook page!

Dear Parents
Here at Network International School we are very excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook Page which is up and running and live on the airwaves.  Through our Facebook Page we will share exciting updates and features which will link to our school website.  As a follower of our Facebook Page parents and the wider community will be able to share in all aspects of our Network School family.
To follow us on Facebook, simply click here; then click “like” at the top of the page.  Please note that parents will only be able to view posts such as photo/videos/write ups and they are able to comment on those individual posts, parents will not be able to post their own content.
We thank you for joining us on this new Network International School path towards sharing the positive and hard work of our Network students from our Early Years through to our Sixth Form Provision.
Best regards
Network International School