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Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)

In KS3 students study Information and Communication Technology (ICT) where they develop practical skills in many packaged software applications such as spreadsheets; word processing; database management; website creation; graphics editing.  However, following changes in the British national curriculum, students are now learning to write computer programs.  This allows them to become active creators and controllers of technology, instead of just being passive users.

ICT combines theory with practice throughout KS3 and students are always encouraged to reflect upon and discuss the ethical and moral issues related to technology.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Students may continue to develop their ICT skills into KS4 by choosing the IGCSE IT option, where theory continues to be combined with practice.  The theory component is extremely broad covering almost every software application and every input/output device imaginable!  Systems analysis and design is approached through a "real world" project at school and the effects of ICT on society are investigated.  Practical work extends what has already been learned in KS3 such as the creation of multi-table relational databases; use of HTML/CSS script to create websites rather than using a visual tool to generate them.  


Students study ICT throughout KS3 but in KS4 they have the option of switching to Computer Science. Here, students further develop their programming skills and learn to use different techniques to solve problems, as well as studying computer architecture, logic gates, data representation, networks and many other aspects of Computer Science.

The IGCSE exam uses pseudocode and flowcharts to assess students' programming skills and these visual techniques are used throughout KS4 to complement the programming languages actually used, currently Scratch and SmallBasic.

Long Term Plans

The long term plans set out the programmes of study for the whole academic year and enables parents to see the topics being studied term by term.

IGCSE Syllabus