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On behalf of the Primary Team, welcome to our Network Family.

Our aim is to provide an inspirational and outward looking curriculum, recognising the importance of local cultures and wider global perspectives. Our classes carefully balance academic rigor with student agency, developing the whole child and preparing them for the jobs of the future. Learning is linked to the UK National Curriculum, providing a carefully scaffolded progression that places a great deal of importance on literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills. We believe that it is through the joys of discovery and curiosity that students learn best; engaging in activities that promote problem solving, creativity and inquiry. 

Our curriculum is underpinned by a strong belief in developing globally minded citizens, who have a strong sense of social responsibility and an understanding of their impact on the people and environment around them. Our Teachers actively look for opportunities to build strong relationships with the local community, making real world connections through curriculum links and service projects. There is nothing more empowering and rewarding than providing students with the tools, knowledge and support to be problem finders and change makers in their local communities and beyond.

At Network, our Primary students are challenged to develop an innovator's mindset, inspiring them to tackle new and complex problems, while drawing upon their deep curriculum knowledge. Students are also encouraged to express their creativity through a variety of mediums both in specialist classes like Art and Music and through core subjects like English and Math. Technology is another driving force throughout the school, with a great deal of importance placed on utilising the philosophies of STEAM to make connections across subjects and with the outside world.

It is my great privilege to welcome you to our wonderful Network community and support you on your child’s journey to success.


Primary Curriculum Overview

Jay Thompson

Head of Primary