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Students at Network International School experience a rich, balanced and vibrant curriculum that meets their educational and social needs in a rapidly changing world. The curriculum is designed to be flexible, support personalised learning and cater for students of all abilities. We provide a stimulating learning and teaching environment in which every student enjoys their education, feels safe and secure and is able to fulfil their potential.

The curriculum provides high-quality inspirational learning, which enables students to become independent learners; develops their unique personal talents, ensures that they are self-confident and inquisitive and prepares them to be active and responsible global citizens.

From the Early Years Foundation Stage onwards students are expected to develop responsibility for their own learning leading to the opportunity for self-directed learning at secondary level in preparation for further education and the world of work. The curriculum blends high-quality imaginative learning with small class sizes and a low student teacher ratio provide a rigorous, broad and balanced approach, which challenges students to develop their learning skills as well as their knowledge and understanding.

At Network International School every student can flourish and each learner is valued and respected equally, enjoying the highest possible standard of education and the chance to participate in and excel at everything they do. 

Network International School Yangon - EYFS Thingyan