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Network International School
The first British curriculum school in Yangon

Network International School

Kindle the fire, brighten your future


About Network School

The mission of Network International School is to provide a nurturing, stimulating student-centred learning environment.

Students will leave Network having acquired not only key learning skills, but also life skills involving healthy relationships, caring about others and a sense of responsibility for the world we live in. They learn from the positive Network environment, gaining from all the diversity the students themselves bring to the classroom.

We believe that:

  • Students learn best in a safe, secure environment, filled with learning opportunities
  • Students learn best when they are happy, listened to and feel that adults value their ideas and suggestions
  • Learning should be student-centred, with students encouraged in their creativity and given the opportunity to explore and discover for themselves
  • Every student that comes to Network has special gifts, which should be nurtured and incorporated into lessons to benefit others, leading to a community of learners
  • Students should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential through a comprehensive curriculum that recognises different learning styles

Network International School comprises a dedicated team of fully qualified expatriate teachers (British, New Zealand, Hungarian, Canadian, American, Australian and Irish) and skilled Myanmar teachers. The local teachers benefit from ongoing professional development.

Every class has an externally trained international teacher, an experienced Myanmar class teacher and at least one assistant teacher currently undergoing training. This allows for a high ratio of teachers to students, ensuring each student receives the support they need.