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School History


1996 to 2023 and still growing!

Mrs Carole Kyaing and her husband, U Kyaing, founded Network International School in 1996 as Network Early Childhood Care and Development Centre.

Carole is from the UK and has a background in early childhood education and her husband, originally from Myanmar, worked as a consultant for Binnie and Partners in England.

In 1995 Carole and U Kyaing moved to Myanmar and Network began as a nursery school in 1996 with just six children, all from different nationalities. As the demand for Network’s education increased, Carole took the ambitious step of opening the primary school in 2003 based on the UK National Curriculum and adapted for the schools international context.  

In 2011 Network Secondary School commenced and in 2016 Carole and U Kyaing opened a brand new Primary building enabling the school to bring together our Early Years and primary students at our Bahan Campus.

The school now has over 800 students who can study at Network from age 2 to 18 before moving on to the university of their choice. The school has over twenty three different nationalities and with the schools support students from across the globe can create rewarding lives, successful careers and make their mark on society.

The school is now a Cambridge accredited exams centre offering IGCSE and A Level examinations and the new Secondary campus was completed in 2022.

Carole and U Kyaing attending International Day at the Bahan Campus