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Kindle the Fire, Brighten your Future

Welcome to Network International School Yangon, a happy and secure learning environment in which students, parents and staff feel welcome and supported. 


Welcome to our school community! We are a place where students are encouraged to dream big, set ambitious goals, and strive for excellence. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing an engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environment where students can develop their full potential and reach their goals. Come and join us at Network International School!

Early Years

Children of the EYFS at Network are full of awe and wonder as they embark on their education journey. They are encouraged to be independent, confident and inquisitive. Through a child centred ethos and a free flow play approach, the children take ownership of their learning and development. They explore and engage with a safe and stimulating environment to discover and learn about the world around them while creating the solid foundations of their academic and social well being.


Network Primary students are open-minded and caring, applying their learning in unique and creative ways that positively impact the people around them. A rigorous UK National Curriculum framework, combined with opportunities to inquire, create and explore, ensures that all students are well prepared for an ever-changing world. A network education aims to develop a balanced individual, fostering not only a love of learning but a passion for art, music, sports, wellbeing and student leadership.


Network Secondary students throw themselves into life at the school, through active and engaging lessons that develop an enthusiasm to learn. Students are also expected to fully participate in ExtraCurricular Activities as part of a holistic education that develops well-rounded individuals. Through the House system, they work as a team through competitions and challenges throughout the year, but also support one another, and across year groups, on an everyday basis. 

Sixth Form

In our Sixth Form, our students are academically curious: they want to know more about the subjects that interest them. They are encouraged to explore through their A Levels and beyond the curriculum, as they prepare to apply to study their passion at universities around the world. Through active engagement in all parts of Network life, they are the leaders within the school and galvanise and mentor others to make the most of the opportunities that Network provides.


Our Alumni network is growing fast with each year of students that graduate from Network and go to university. Our students have gone on to study at some of the best universities in countries, such as the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and India. We want our alumni to keep in touch and return to see our teachers and students, as they inspire the Network students of today.

School Calendar

Happening Now


    Network International School Yangon - Anti Bullying Coffee Morning

    Following a focus on community and inclusion through International Week at the end of Term 1, a focus on Bullying seemed the most appropriate topic for the first Parents’ Coffee Morning of Term 2. Therefore, Tr Jon spoke to parents about what we mean by bullying, what we do about it and how parents can support.

    Why do we have Houses at Network International School?

    With the first House competition of the year underway, Tr Jon felt it was appropriate to kick off this year’s calendar of Parents’ Coffee Mornings by talking about our House system and its important role in our students' education.

    Network International School Yangon - Coffee Morning

    As we approach the end of the year, each year group will be looking at next year, when they move up through the school. It is a time of transition for all students in the school, so in the final Coffee Morning of the year, Tr Jon spoke to parents about the various student transitions that will be occurring across the school in the next couple of months.

    Network International School Yangon - Teaching and Learning Coffee Morning

    Over the last few months, the Secondary teachers at Network International School Yangon have been working on updating our approach to Teaching and Learning. With this exciting development, Tr Sophie launched the new Teaching and Learning Policy to Secondary parents at the most recent Parents’ Coffee Morning and explained how this would affect their children’s education from next year onwards. 

    Network International School Yangon -  build-up to exams Coffee Morning

    As the end-of-year assessments approach at Network International School Yangon, Tr Sophie spoke to Secondary parents at the recent Parents’ Coffee Morning about how they could help support their children and complement what is being done in school.